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I had built
a dam
my heart

It felt
a bit
like heavy

The rains
and sat

and one
drop came.

On that day,
that drop
was just

Just barely
and it
sank in.

Into the
drops and
mixed in.

And then
my heart
it let
it in.


Let us look for God in the future more earnestly than we have done in the past, — look for him in vineyards and orchards and harvest fields, — in the bright plumage of birds, and the delicate bloom of fruit, and the sweet gracefulness of flowers, — in the dense foliage of the forest, and the sparse heather of the moor, — in the rich luxuriance of fertile valleys, and the rugged grandeur of the everlasting hills, — in the merry dance of the rivulet, and the majestic tides of the ocean — in the gay colours of the rainbow, and the splendour of the starry heavens, — in the gentle radiance of the moon, and the gorgeous light of setting suns, — in the clear azure sky, and the weird pageantry of clouds, — in the snow mantled wintry landscape, and the brilliant effulgence of a summer’s noon, — in the virgin loveliness of spring, and in the pensive fading beauty of autumn, — let us look for him with an earnest, eager, and unwearied gaze, till we see him to be a God of wisdom as well as power, of love as well as sovereignty, of beauty as well as glory. –A. W. Momerie, in “The Origin of Evil, and other Sermons”, 1881.

Wilco – When You Wake Up Feeling Old

When you wake up Feelin' old At this piano filled with souls Some strange purse Stuffed nervous with gold Can you be where you want to be? Walk down any street You can find Look at any clock telling time Sing some strange verse From some strange song of vines And you'll be where you want to be I know I can't sing Until she brings the song to life And I blend with kings I'd never change a thing Who knows anything I don't know There are so many things I must leave alone Some strange person is calling you their home Can you be where you want to be? Can you be Where you want to be? Can you be Where you want to be? Can you be Where you want to be?
December 2017
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