I’m all about:

Acting (in plays, but not in life)
Breathing (regularly)
Cooking (“creating culinary art”)
Dancing (when I’m ‘In the Mood’)
Eating (all or nothing eating…either gourmet, or fast food)
Friends, hanging out with (I Love my friends…with a capital ‘L’)
God (See letter ‘J’)
Happiness (also Joy)
Ice Cream (vanilla is pretty good)
Jesus (See letter ‘G’)
Kansas (the band)
Living, Laughing, Loving (the three most important ‘L’s)
Music, Movies (classic rock and comedies)
Noise (as in Stomp or Pink Floyd’s song A Group of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving With a Pict)
Ocean, the (the beach, but also see letter ‘U’)
Photography (mostly of people and nature, but a little bit of everything)
Quotes (especially from books, speeches and occasionally myself)
Reading (classic literature and C.S. Lewis are my favorites)
Seminoles, the (and also the Bucs, but not as much)
Teen Advisors (I love you all!)
Underwater (submarines and marine life and all that jazz)
Vida Nueva (an amazing life-changing spiritual retreat)
Writing (stuff like on this wordpress)
Xylography (I guess I do, it just starts with ‘X’)
Yellow (that Coldplay song)
Zylophones (and if you tell me they’re spelled with an ‘X’, I’ll just say, “No, they’re NOT!”)

And did I mention I’m
The Jack of Hearts?