okay that title has nothing to do with this post.

and, actually, this post has nothing to do with anything.
This was just a little random thing I wrote during English…inspiration comes at weird times (or so say the wise)…

 “I walked through the valley in search of fame and great riches, but what I found was pain. The valley was dark and foreboding, but I’d been willing to compromise to try and reach the imaginary mountain on the other side. Along my journey, the valley went deeper and darker than I could have imagined, and as I went through the depths of my soul I pushed aside every new resolution to change. After each renewed effort, I would reject my new behavior and trudge along through the jungle that was my soul, only to be battered down once again by the branches that came alive through my failures. Yet through it all, I’ve kept the faith that, one sweet day, a hand will reach through the treetop canopy and pluck me from my pain. It’ll be work; to be sure, I’ll need all my strength to hold on. Of course, the work will be worth it for the glorification that will come (His glorification).”

Be Loved,
The Jack of Hearts