So that last poem was really out of nowhere, and I found myself writing another random poem. But this one has a lil’ story. Not really…I was just mad at my parents, and as I was writing the poem, I felt it dissipate into nothing. Which was cool.

Everyone come with me to see Pirates of the Caribbean on July 7th at 2:30

Here’s said poem: (warning, it’s hard to read because I kept drifting in and out of different types of poetry, so you gotta say it a few times to catch the rhythm)

“‘Til The Doing’s Undone”

The pain, the hatred, the rage, and the anger
Open the door to let in a stranger
Succumb to the power of this present danger
Slash through the venomous wound 

Reap what you sow with terror revenge
Slice up the clear summer sky
Open your tears to the eyes of the sun
Weep as it passes you by 

When harsh winter covers the miserable land
Reach out your hand to the blade
Let it slit through the pain that comes new
Sorrows not readily made 

Crawl through the muck of a dirty red street
Covered with red seeping blood
Reach back for a shovel to cover it up
With frustration and murky-black mud 

Follow the river to wash it away
Sweeping you off of your feet
Let it take you to a fresh dormant lake
Flowing through clean satin sheet 

Let your eyes wander to heavens above
Soak up the warmth of the sun
Let it embrace you with all of your love
Let go, ’til the doing’s undone

The Jack of Hearts