Within this timeless treasure
My soul, I long to tell
Of wondrous things and tales of kings
Of undisclosed farewell

Within this box of Eden
I tell my tales of great
The sagas long and epic song
And mountains as of late

Within the souls of dreamers
I bare my feral roar
From ‘cross my lips to travelers’ ships
Above the eagle’s soar

Within the mighty beauty
Of a wave upon the sand
I speak my lore on Southern shore
Across the primal land

Within a lovely rhythm
This song I sing to you
When legends die and heroes cry
I forge my longing too

Within these heartfelt tidings
I nudge my greatest fear
Through this fire of sweet desire
Beneath a distant tear

Within my beckoned keepsake
I dream above the clouds
Of lovers lost and drawn lines crossed
Behind seductive shrouds

Within angelic romance
Your laughter I adore
This time we spend will never end
We love forevermore

Within this thoughtful picture
I voice my thinking through
I heed my pain with fierce disdain
My mind I never knew

Within this fading darkness
My spirit longs to fight
Through fabled streets and grim defeats
I bare my soul tonight

The Jack of Hearts