Here's my lil collage for you guys…
Prom was so very very awesome and I had a blast partying with you all (yeah, pretty much just Dan and Taylor since only you guys read this)
Dan the Man – you were shakin' it down out there in the field, my man! And, of course, looking as dashing as ever…
iTay-lah! iBon-ham! – Thanks for being a wonderful swing partner, you picked it up beautifully.
I'm gonna set up a photobucket for prom pictures so everyone can just upload them whenever they want…that way we can all share! If all goes well, it'll be
Username: homeschoolprom06
Password: homeschoolprom06
I'm just waiting for my old photobucket to be cleared so I can set it up with my email…

PS – Sorry if anyone got cut off. I did the collage with Picasa cause I'm lazy…
PSS – If you wanna see it full size just save it on your puter…but you already knew that!

The Jack of Hearts