The title's a line from an amazing song by Journey…just so you know.

Sometimes I like to sit back and think about faith. It seems like there's just such a broad spectrum when it comes to that word. Lately, I've been thinking about that spectrum, and where we should all be on that spectrum. Of course, let me lay down something first: I'm talking about the spectrum of faith in people who are already believers. And I'm certainly not condemning anyone for being on either end of the spectrum. Of course, from what I know in the Bible, there is a happy medium that falls in the middle. But for now, I'm going to ignore that medium and look at the black and white: the more extreme sides of faith. I believe on one end of this 'spectrum' there's the childlike faith. This faith, to me, is more of a faith run on feelings and emotions. The childlike faith is something we should all absolutely have, but to a degree. I think this faith is made up of 'feeling God'. And there's nothing wrong with that; again, I'm just stating my opinions. This faith encompasses all the people who 'experience' God and worship Him in a way that the opposite end of the spectrum will most likely never know. And when it comes to the opposite end, I think I see a lot of scholars and people with knowledge and intelligence. These people 'know God' and have wisdom and understanding. If the other end is a group of 'feelfaithers', this is a group of 'thinkfaithers'. The feelfaithers have a childlike heart and mind, and the thinkfaithers have a grown-up heart and mind. To put this 'faith-spectrum' into perspective, let's us a scale of 1-10. I'm going to put the feelfaithers at 1 (only because I talked of them first) and the thinkfaithers at 10. To be honest, if I were to rate myself as to where I think my type of faith lies, I'd give myself a 7. Now, when I used this system of a scale, I totally didn't mean for everyone who reads this (or, rather, the one who reads this) to use this scale for other people. God makes it quite clear that we shouldn't judge others. (Luke 6:37) Which is why I don't believe anyone could possibly know where another will go when they die…but that's a different subject. Now as to the happy medium, I believe it's simply 5. Lewis puts it perfectly when he says we should have "a child's heart, and a grown-up's head" We should have that awesome, emotional, childlike faith (Mark 10:15), but, on the other hand, Paul calls us to also be as wise as serpents. (Matthew 10:16)