When I look at the world through my God-given eyes, I can’t help but think that it’s all here for our pleasure. Ultimately for His pleasure, but He’s happy when we’re happy. Although, I don’t think God has emotions the way us humans do. Especially girls. I think God’s always happy and always sad. The thing He has which enables Him to be such a paradox is what makes Him God. And I’m sure it’s not really a paradox from His point of view either. He sees it all in the big picture. I think a lot of people wonder if we’ll be able to see things on earth from up in Heaven. If someone were to ask me that, I’d reply, “I don’t know.” But if I look at what I do know – believe, rather – it works out. I believe there won’t be any sadness, on our part, in Heaven. So pretend that we’re allowed to look down at our relatives mourning excessively over our s. Would we be sad? I think not. It’s just my opinion, but I think if we’ll be allowed to view this world from the next, we’ll be looking through God’s eyes. I think we’ll fully be able to realize and comprehend the scope of the big picture. That’s what keeps me hanging on. The big picture. The idea and thought that, the way God sees it, I’m not really suffering. Or if I am, it’s all for the greater good. I wish sometimes though that I could see the big picture right now. Then I could figure everything out and know where I’m heading. Alas, such is life.